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Founded in 1988 by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, Wynkoop Brewing Company is a beer-blessed Denver institution, a must-visit Colorado landmark and one of the nation’s most revered craft breweries.

We are Colorado’s first brewpub and Denver’s first microbrewery. We helped to write (literally) the rule book for brewpubs here, we were blazing a beer trail in our state before many of our customers were born.

The Brewers Association’s annual award for brewers who kick down doors is called the Russell Schehrer Innovation Award. It’s named after our original brewer. The late and great Russell made styles of beer that beer nuts in Colorado and the US had never seen before.

Our brewpub was a major catalyst for the revival of Lower Downtown Denver. In the 1980s our neighborhood was known as Skid Row, not LoDo. In 2013 we’re celebrating our 25th year of making our community a happier, healthier, friendlier place through great beer and hospitality.

Today we carry on Russell’s traditions. As it was in 1988, today our brewery’s focus is small-batch, handmade, artisan beer crafted with patience, passion and big ideas. And sold in or as close to our brewery as possible for maximum freshness.

We brew our liquid art in our vintage, copper-clad, 20-barrel brewing system. Our beer artists (led by head brewer Andy Brown, who joined us in 2008) lovingly craft our artful, award-winning creations from the finest ingredients we can find in CO and beyond.

Craving a great small-batch beer? We make over 40 different styles of beer — from embraceable ales and lagers to jaw-dropping seasonal and experimental rule breakers –every year at Wynkoop Brewing. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Beer to Go and Around Town

Take home fresh Wynkoop beer by the keg, growler or sixpack. You can also find our beers on draft in the area’s beeriest bars and restaurants. Our acclaimed canned goods are on shelves in over 200 beer stores that we self-distribute to (for further freshness keeping) in the Denver area.

Why Cans?

Aluminum cans are the best package for beer. They keep beer fresher longer by providing complete protection from light and oxygen, a fresh beer’s worst enemy. Cans are also immensely portable, free from weight and glass-breakage issues, and welcome in places where bottles are not.

Cans are also the “greenest” beer package. They are less fuel-consuming to ship, infinitely recyclable, and the most frequently recycled beverage package in the world.

A recycled can requires about 95% less energy and creates 95% less pollution than a can made from scratch. And it saves enough electricity to power a guitar amp for three hours.