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1634 18th Street Denver, CO 80202 | 303-297-2700 |
Restaurant and Bar


In 1988, when John Hickenlooper wanted to brew and share craft beer in Colorado, food was a lucky add-on for our guest.

Since that time, food has become our second passion.  This passion shows in our commitment to quality, detail and presentation.

We neglect no element of the experience that surrounds handcrafted beverage consumption.

Beyond our refinement of the culinary experience, we’ve endeavored to satiate our non-beer drinking guest with the same aplomb as our geeks who drink, beer that is.

In as much as we have an affinity for all things ‘tapped’ and ‘local’ in origin, we adore our house wines from Denver vintner and master-winemaker, Infinite Monkey Theorem. You will love them, too.

Cocktails, and our carefully culled spirits list, are Colorado-based and curated routinely.  You’ll enjoy the simple pleasure of sipping something made with care from start to finish.

Just like our beer.