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Wynkoop Releases Bourbon Barrel Quad for Moe’s Original BBQ

moes tap and handle pic IMG_3752

Wynkoop Brewing Company has teamed up with the crew at Moe’s Original BBQ to bring you a specialty beer for your finger-licking delight. Moe’s Original BBQ beer is a Bourbon Barrel Quad made with pit-smoked rock sugar. (11% abv). This BBQ beer will be available exclusively around Moe’s BBQ locations in Colorado starting Saturday, January 11th. (Check with your local Moe’s for availability).

rock sugar

First, the rock sugar was smoked at Moe’s over applewood for almost 5 hours. We then invited the crew over to our place to help us brew.

IMG_3779 IMG_3755

This dark brown extra-strength Belgian-style ale is a Quadrupel, or a Quad. Typically, the strongest and richest type of beer made by an order of brewing monks, called Trappists, to sustain themselves during Lenten fasts.  We threw our own twist on the recipe by having Moe’s Original Bar B Que pit-smoke the crystallized sugar typically used to boost the alcoholic strength of this type of beer.  We then blend in a percentage of an old Quadrupel that we have been aging in our cellars for several years in a used Austin Nichols Bourbon barrel with the young Quad made with apple wood-smoked sugar.  The result is a complex, malt forward (sweet) beer that contains raisin and caramel flavors with a hint of smoke, oak, Bourbon, boozy strength, and the special character of our Belgian yeast strain from the Westmalle Trappist brewery.

Suggested Food Pairings:  Chicken wings with sweet and tangy barbeque sauce, Bleu Cheese to contrast.  Pork Loin stuffed with dried fruit and cherry glaze.  Any meat Moe’s wants to smoke!

11 Responses to Wynkoop Releases Bourbon Barrel Quad for Moe’s Original BBQ

  1. Brian says:

    Hmm. Moe’s at 530 Broadway didn’t know what I was talking about and don’t carry any Wynkoop beers. They called the South Broadway location and no beers there either. This was around 1pm, Sat, Jan 11 per your press release yesterday. Disappointed. Glad I don’t work for your Twitter and PR team.

    • Shannon Berner says:

      Hi Brian, apologies for any confusion and sorry about your wild goose hunt! We did release the beer on Saturday, and the Lakewood location had the release party for it. Kegs were dropped at other locations as well, but each location is independently owned and operated and not all of them could put the beer on tap immediately. I am not sure who you spoke to at each location, as they do (and should know about the beer), their Denver social media has even been liking and reposting a lot of our posts about the beer. They even came to our release party and gave away Moe’s food! Again, apologies that you were disappointed. We will follow-up with them on our end.

  2. Arne says:

    Apparently not January 11. 2014. The staff at Moe’s on S Broadway have not heard of this beer.

    • Shannon Berner says:

      We released the beer on Saturday, but we said it would be available at Moe’s locations “starting January 11.” Apologies as we should have been clearer that it would not necessarily be on tap at all locations on Saturday. We promise it’s worth the wait though!

  3. Arne says:

    Based on the Wynkoop’s Jan 11 2014 tweet, I went to Moe’s BBQ S Broadway location. They had never even heard of this beer. What is up?

    • Shannon Berner says:

      The beer was released Saturday and a release party was held at the Lakewood location, but not all of the Moe’s locations were putting the beer on tap immediately on Saturday. Apologies for any confusion, and keep hassling them to get it on! ;^)

  4. EJ says:

    Just called Moe’s Original BBQ at 530 Broadway and asked about the beer and I was told that they aren’t pouring the beer, have never heard of the beer, and don’t have a tap for the beer (i.e. it’s not in their queue of kegs). I was told to try other locations. Best to call before showing up at Moe’s.

    • Shannon Berner says:

      It’s currently on tap at both Boulder locations, Lakewood, and Englewood. They are all independently owned and operated so you’re right, it’s best to call and ask for it beforehand!

  5. Carrie Dow says:

    Just had a glass at the Lakewood/Bear Creek Moe’s. It was great, but wow it packs an alcoholic punch! I suggest anyone looking for this beer head to Lakewood. I’ll be featuring the beer on the DrinkDenver website very soon…

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