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Rhonda Banks

Executive Chef

Born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised here in Colorado, Rhonda has worked in kitchens in and around Denver for 13 years. After studying at Johnson-Whales, she began working in her first professional kitchen at The Fourth Story in Cherry Creek. Rhonda has been a Breckenridge-Wynkoop employee for six and a half years splitting her tenure between Gaetano’s and Wynkoop Brewing Company. Her passion for Soul Food and Music is always present in her cooking and makes for a perfect pairing with Andy’s craft brews.

Andy Brown

Andy Brown

Beer Maestro

Andy Brown is the Beer Maestro of the Wynkoop Brewing Company. He stays busy managing the ever flowing taps at the pub, the rapidly expanding distribution efforts of the Wynkoop and the joint venture between Wynkoop and the Breckenridge Breweries. A professional brewer for 13 years, Andy attended the American Brewers Guild Craft Brewers program in 1999, followed by an internship at the Elysian brewpub in Seattle, and has worked at several breweries in Colorado before finding his home at the Wynkoop.

Amanda Young

Amanda Young

General Manager

Amanda Young is Wynkoop's fearless leader! A jack of all trades, Young isn't solely the General Manager of the 'Koop, she is also a trained chef. Young loves to surf, garden, craft cocktails, and drink beer!